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How does Drinkmate work?

Drinkmate machines are powered by compressed CO2 gas, not by electricity or batteries. They use standard threaded CO2 cylinders.

How is Drinkmate different than other drink carbonators?

Drinkmate is the world's first home carbonation machine that let's you carbonate any drink, not just water. The key is our patented Fizz Infuser technology. The Fizz Infuser provides a two-stage pressure release control that safely and easily allows you to carbonate virtually any drink. Other machines state they can only carbonate water, because they cannot safely depressurize beverages with sugar, flavors or alcohol in them.

Why is Drinkmate better?

Drinkmate can carbonate virtually any cold drink, not just water. There’s no limit to the possibilities with Drinkmate!

You can build a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugary sodas and avoiding preservatives and chemicals, while you still get the taste and excitement of sparkling drinks.

At home, at school, outdoors, or at work, get creative and make your perfect drink just how you like it.

What is Drinkmate's Return/Warranty Policy?

The Drinkmate OmniFizz machine comes with a 2-year warranty for consumers, and a 1-year warranty for commercial use. The Drinkmate Spritzer is warrantied for 1-year of consumer use, and six months of commercial use.

This warranty only applies to the original buyer or gift recipient. Please keep your receipt / proof of purchase for warranty claims.


I cannot attach the Fizz Infuser and bottle to the unit because the white plastic tip is blocking the way. What should I do?

This is an easy fix! Watch this short YouTube video, or keep reading below:

If you see the white plastic tip sticking out and blocking the Fizz Infuser from sliding into the adapter, gently but firmly pull the black adapter down and forward until you hear a "click." It should be at a 45-degree angle and the white plastic tip will be hidden inside. You'll be able to slide the Fizz Infuser and bottle on.

My beverage has little or no carbonation. How do I fix this?

  • The CO2 cylinder may be empty. Use a new cylinder.
  • The CO2 cylinder may be too cold. Wait until it reaches room temperature.
  • Your drink may be too warm. Use cooler liquid – the colder the better.
  • Check to see if the CO2 cylinder is properly attached to the receptacle. If it is loose, it will not activate properly. Gently but firmly hand tighten the cylinder.
  • CO2 may not be mixing well with your chosen drink. Shake the bottle and allow 10 seconds for the CO2 to completely mix with your drink before releasing the pressure.
  • Your drink may contain lots of sugar which tends to absorb more CO2 than water. Add one or two extra bursts of CO2 and shake the bottle before releasing the pressure.
  • Use longer bursts of CO2.
  • The valves in the Fizz Infuser may be clogged or leaking (you can hear a hissing sound if it is leaking) – soak the Fizz Infuser in clean water for 15 minutes or replace it.

    Foam rises too quickly while I’m carbonating or releasing pressure. What do I do?

    Every drink foams differently. If foam is coming out of the Fizz Infuser when you're releasing pressure, try these things next time you carbonate that drink:

    • fill the bottle only halfway to leave more room for foam
    • use shorter bursts of CO2
    • wait longer between each carbonation burst

    The more you use the Drinkmate countertop machine and the Drinkmate Spritzer, the better you'll get at carbonating your favorite drinks.

    It’s difficult to remove the Fizz Infuser from the bottle after carbonating.

    Excess CO2 pressure may need to be be released. Lift the chrome pressure release tab on the Fizz Infuser and wait until all the excess CO2 has been released or push the blue fast release button to release all the pressure. The Fizz Infuser should open more easily!

    My Drinkmate doesn’t work because the white nozzle tip in the machine was damaged. How do I avoid that?

    Be sure to slide the Fizz Infuser ALL THE WAY to the end before locking it down. There is a magnet in the fizz infuser that should allow it to easily slide on the machine without forcing it. If the Fizz Infuser is halfway on and you try to lock it down, the white tip will be damaged. Once damaged, your Drinkmate won’t be able to perform normal CO2 infusion.

    This rarely happens and you can prevent it with a bit of care and patience.

    1. Slide the Fizz Infuser ALL THE WAY in on a 45 degree angle
    2. Then gently but firmly push the Fizz Infuser and bottle down to it’s locked position – ready for to carbonate your drink!

    Drinkmate models

    What is the Drinkmate Countertop?

    The Drinkmate Countertop is the first home carbonation system that allows you to quickly add sparkle to virtually ANY cold beverage you desire. Not only can you carbonate water, all Drinkmate models let you make sparkling juice, iced tea or coffee, sport drinks, wine, cocktails, flat soda and even beer.

    Click here to watch the Drinkmate Countertop How-To Video

    Click here for the Drinkmate Countertop Product Manual

    CO2 Cylinders

    How many bottles can my CO2 cylinder carbonate?

    When carbonating water the 60L cylinder can carbonate up to 60 liters, while the 10L (3-oz) cylinder can carbonate up to 10 liters.

    Your results can vary depending on how you use the machine with different beverages and your desired level of sparkle. We suggest that you keep a spare cylinder or two at home so you can switch out an empty cylinder for a full one whenever you need to.

    Can I use other brands of cylinders in the Drinkmate?

    Yes, the Drinkmate accepts other brands of standard threaded cylinders. There are exceptions- some of our competitors have a one-off machine with a specific cylinder style that will only fit that particular machine-- these will not fit in the Drinkmate. And vise versa, Drinkmate cylinders will not fit this one-off machine.

    Please contact CO2@idrinkproducts.com with any questions on this.

    Can Drinkmate accept 130L CO2 cylinders?

    No, Drinkmate machines do not accept the 130L size. Drinkmate accepts the 60L CO2 Cylinder, which is sold in major chain stores.

    Is the CO2 in Drinkmate cylinders safe?

    Yes. Drinkmate uses beverage grade CO2 from U.S. suppliers. This meets strict quality requirements, with a tracking/recall system in place if there is ever a problem. It’s 100% safe for you to make delicious sparkling drinks.

    Can I refill the Drinkmate cylinders myself?

    No! We urge you not to do any unauthorized or third-party filling. We don’t support anything other than using approved CO2 supply options. We have no control over the quality of the CO2 provided and the cylinders could be damaged.

    Can I remove the copper valve on the cylinder? What is the little hex bolt on the cylinder?

    Only authorized parties should attempt to alter the structure of the CO2 valve. Unauthorized tampering of the valve assembly is dangerous and you should not attempt it. Tampering with the hex bolt on the side of the cylinder risks disabling the safety function. Under no circumstances should you try to make alterations to the cylinders.

    Can I use a 8g CO2 charger in my Drinkmate machine?

    No. 8g CO2 chargers do not work with Drinkmate machines. 8g CO2 chargers are only for handheld soda makers, and they are not refillable.


    Fizz Infuser

    Why do I hear a hissing sound when I lift the chrome tab on the Fizz Infuser? What is the blue button underneath for?

    The chrome tab is for slow pressure release. Once you lift it up, CO2 discharges slowly, allowing the pressure to go down without over foaming.

    The blue button is for faster release of CO2. Some beverages like water don’t require you to use the slow release valve. You can use the blue quick release button right away.

    However, you should always press the blue button to make sure pressure is completely reduced before removing the Fizz Infuser.

    Never try to force the Fizz Infuser off. It could cause a mess if you remove it with a pressurized bottle.

    Why can’t I get the Fizz Infuser and bottle off the Drinkmate machine?

    To remove the Fizz Infuser and bottle, tilt the bottom of the bottle forward. Grab the Fizz Infuser or bottle and pull them gently but firmly outward and up to a 45-degree angle. The Fizz Infuser fixture should then easily slide off the Drinkmate.

    Should I clean the Fizz Infuser? How?

    The Fizz Infuser should be rinsed with room temperature or warm (not hot) water right after each use of sparkling anything other than water. Flip the slow release valve (chrome tab) up so water can run through the inside. This is especially important if your drink over foams into the Fizz Infuser.

    We suggest you soak the whole Fizz Infuser in clean water each month for 10 minutes to keep it fully cleaned. Caution: The Fizz Infuser can NOT be washed in a dishwasher.

    Can I store the Fizz Infuser inside the fridge or freezer?

    No! There are many mechanical parts inside the Fizz Infuser, like spring coils and valves. Cold storage could cause those parts to malfunction.

    For cold storage of drinks, use the cap provided with each bottle.

    The foam level rose up high and came out the top of the Fizz Infuser. Is this a problem? How can I avoid this?

    Some beverages, like beer, will foam up much more than others. However, over foaming through the Fizz Infuser is not a problem, just be sure to thoroughly rinse the Fizz Infuser when it happens.

    To avoid over foaming next time, try shorter and fewer bursts of CO2, then shake the bottle before releasing pressure. Shaking it will allow more CO2 to be dissolved into the beverage and lower the pressure.

    If the drink isn’t fizzy enough, you can lock it back into the Drinkmate and add more CO2.

    You have control over how much CO2 you use!

    Drinkmate Bottles

    Are Drinkmate bottles BPA free?

    Yes. Drinkmate carbonating bottles are made from BPA (Bisphenol-A) free PET-grade plastic.

    Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?

    The bottle has to withstand recurring pressure from carbonation. Like any other plastic, natural aging will degrade its durability. To keep it safe, bottles must be replaced once they reach their expiration date. If the bottle has been deformed due to misuse (like accidentally washing it in the dishwasher), scratched, or exposed to heat before the expiration date, it must be replaced.

    Keep in mind that some bottles will be used more than others. If your carbonating bottles appear to be in good condition, you may use them right up to their expiration date.

    Can I store the bottle with carbonated drink in the car on a hot summer day?

    NO! There is a maximum storage temperature mark (+ 40C/120F) on each bottle. Never store the bottle above that temperature. It is better to store the bottle at room temperature or in the fridge. The plastic ages much faster under hot temperature. You may have to replace your bottles sooner if you expose them to high temperatures.

    Can I use a different brand of carbonating bottle?

    No. Drinkmate uses a patented quick connect technology that makes it safe and easy to connect and reconnect. Only Drinkmate carbonation bottles will fit Drinkmate products.

    How do I clean my carbonating bottle?

    Carbonating bottles should be cleaned by hand with room temperature or warm (not hot) water. The bottom cap of the Drinkmate brand carbonation bottles is also removable (by twisting), so you can easily clean the entire bottle.

    Remember: Drinkmate carbonating bottles can NOT be washed in the dishwasher.

    Using Drinkmate

    Does Drinkmate recommend shaking the bottle after it is removed from the machine?

    Yes. After the carbonation process, some CO2 stays in the air space above the beverage. Shaking will help blend that CO2 with your drink for better carbonation. Do your shaking after you remove the Fizz Infuser and bottle from the machine but before you flip the slow release tab.

    How many times should I push the carbonation button?

    This varies based on your personal preferences and the type of drinks you are carbonating. Experiment with different levels of carbonation for different drinks and you’ll find what tastes best to you.

    If you want maximum fizziness, it would be best to add bursts of CO2 until you hear the “whoosh!” of gas releasing through the Fizz Infuser.

    Some drinks are more difficult to carbonate because they produce more foam. With these types of drinks use slower injection rates. Push the carbonation button only part of the way down. Try short bursts rather than long ones – don’t just press the carbonation button until you hear the CO2 release.

    If I keep pushing the carbonating button down for a long time, what will happen?

    The Drinkmate Fizz Infuser includes safety valves to prevent over pressurization. At some point you'll hear the whooshing sound of gas escaping. You could continue to press the button, but that would waste CO2. If the carbonation level isn't high enough, remove the Fizz Infuser and bottle from the Drinkmate machine and shake it while it's still pressurized. This will allow you to increase the carbonation level without using more CO2.

    We recommend using consistent, short pulses of CO2. With time, you'll learn to get the optimum level of carbonation for your favorite drinks.

    How do I make a sparkling cocktail with Drinkmate?

    We're glad you asked! Drinkmate has developed some excellent suggestions for cocktails and other drink recipes.

    The beauty of the Drinkmate is the complete control you have over carbonation and pressure release while making your cocktails or other cold drinks. You can develop your own craft concoctions. Some drinks generate more foam than others, but there's really no limit to the possibilities.

    Please share your best drink recipes with us so everyone can enjoy them!

    Is there any beverage I can’t carbonate with Drinkmate?

    We love to say that you can carbonate any beverage. However, we don't really recommend using Drinkmate for pulped juice because the pulp can potentially plug the Fizz Infuser.

    But with care, you can probably carbonate drinks that contain pulp or even chunks of fruit. Just make sure that when you depressurize, try not to allow the foam to reach to the Fizz Infuser tip. Then, after you’re done carbonating, soak the whole Fizz Infuser in water to completely clean it.